Bright Faces Of our make-up Artist to reckon with

Make-up is no more a thing to joke with nowadays; its a thing most people (couple, celebrities, e.t.c) will pay huge money on to get make-up make-over. Thank God for the likes of Tara Fela-Durotoye, who has really been such an inspiration to new comers in it. Others who have calve a niche for themselves too are Ewar, Lise, e.t.c. However, there are upcoming intake who are really trying their best in making this their first love in the make-up industry stronger and fun. So we @DistinctFH is giving them voice, knowing fully well that they are not alone and we do appreciate their effort.

Olabisi Adewara, Director Oleku Makeup and this is what she said in an interview. “Makeup has been in existence for a while but its gaining multiple acceptance here in Nigeria. there are lots of fashionable Nigerians coupled with the entertainment industry,its pace is unimaginable. I just believe that passion,boldness,knowledge and quest will keep you going in this industry, you just have to be on your toes,be well-informed and up to date. I stand for integrity,dexterity and boldness…wit these,d sky is just ur starting point. What I’ll like to change is some people’s perception of makeup…some people think its child’s play but I tell you it can be as serious as a medical doctor wit his patient… What is what doing is what doing well, Olabisi is sure a force to reckon with in the make-up industry, she’s got guts and very good at what she does.

*KILO ABIOLA FRANCIS: A graduate of History and International Studies from Ekiti State University. Last from a family of 4 kids, hail from Ogun state. Abiola stated in an interview with us @DistinctFH saying “a lot of people think he bumped into the beauty industry, but no, he had passion for making them comfortable in their own skin”. His brand N & D (Night & Day) artistry started 2 years now and waxing stronger having been worked with lots of celebrities and at big events. He also agreed that the industry is better now and getting larger, but his fear is “I wouldn’t want it to be like nollywood, where even people with no passion for beauty just comes in because of the pay or whatever their reasons are”. Abiola is known for quality make-up like d likes of Tara and Banke Meshida. His vison is having his own make-up products and also rising to the level of competing with other countries in Africa. What can we say? Abiola, wishing you strength and power to move on. Follow Abiola on twitter @kilo2k7

Adenike Dada is the CEO Exquisite Touch Make-over, also a mother of one cute boy. A bio-science degree holder. Make-up started with her as a passion and grew to be her work for a living now. After school, she went to a make up school (DEN ACADEMY) to be a professional. Nike is also into facilitating youth empowerment programme to help raise individual. Adenike is doing well for herself. She’s certainly a force to reckon with all d best to her. We @DisinctFH love her and wish her the very best.

Ademola Adedamola, a fast rising entrepreneur, a graduate and the CEO of Ademola Make-over and Gele tying. She intend to expand bigger and impact her knowledge into other peeps, she said. Twitter handle @adedamola2011

Faith Sarah Williams (FSW) is a graduate of UNILAG. Studied Marine Biology and now fully into make-up. Sarah just started though, her turn off is she feels horrible seeing ladies wearing a wrong make-up. Sarah is to be with and taking make-up as a career is the best thing that makes her happy now. All the best gurl. Follow FSW Instagram @Faithuvic

Olarinde Olawumi is another make-up artist doing well for herself. The CEO of Ola’s make-over. Seems everyone loves the make-up business not for the money as they all say. Wumi, intend to achieve sucess, want to hear her name within and outside the country. Ola’s make-over is here and have come to stay.


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